Welcome to Plus Thailand

I’m a plus sized woman in a Thai sized world. After growing up as a Third Culture Kid, I love to travel and like the expatriate lifestyle. In 2011, after spending the bulk of my adult life in the US, I moved to Thailand where I live and work in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

There are a lot of great things about living and working in Thailand and many of them are great regardless of size or gender. For example, the sunshine, friendly people, good food, and a generally healthier lifestyle than in the US.

And some things that can be inconvenient if you aren’t Thai or Asian, like Asian sized clothes in which a US women’s size 8-10 is an XL if you can find it.

And there are other things that may be of more concern if you are plus sized, like size discrimination. Like everywhere, Thailand isn’t perfect, but by and large people have been pleasant and accommodating when possible.

I’ll be posting at least one review weekly. My reviews will mention things that might be important to you if you are plus sized, but should be relevant for anyone. I’ll also post more general comments about my experiences.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Plus Thailand

  1. An expat Wife says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea for a blog – thank you. I also hope you post more.

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