Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital is the first Thai hospital I ever visited. It is also the premier private hospital in Chiang Mai. I visited it the first time when I was visiting family in Chiang Mai while on vacation. Unfortunately, I had forgotten a prescription drug I was taking and unlike many drugs, it was only available in Thailand at the hospital pharmacy with a local prescription. I’ve later learned that you can use a hospital pharmacy (which may take better care to avoid counterfeit drugs than some stand alone pharmacies, although prices are higher) just like a regular pharmacy without seeing the doctor first for drugs that do not require a prescription in Thailand.

Since then, I have visited several other times on an outpatient basis. The quality of the doctor’s English has ranged from perfectly fluent to fair.

Since my family lives on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, they drove me in and parked in the attached parking structure. Ram hospital is located just outside the moat, but I can’t give any better directions than that, since I’ve never navigated there on my own. The elevator from the parking garage spits you out in the corner of a large central atrium area that can be somewhat overwhelming. There are cryptic signs in Thai, English and now Chinese labeling various stations. On my most recent visit in early 2012, the signs seem to be being upgraded and offer slightly more information. As always, you will need to register at the front desk before being seen for the first time. Unfortunately, the front desk is oriented for people coming in from the front entrance off the street, so coming from the parking garage can be disorienting.

From there you will be directed to the proper vitals station (which may at be a station in the central atrium or on another floor). I have had several different experiences with blood pressure at Ram hospital depending on the year and the clinic I was visiting. At least once they just gave up when the blood pressure cuff didn’t fit and other times they had substitute cuffs available.

The good news is the Ram Hospital is the only hospital in Thailand that I have visited that had scrubs that fit, even the pants fit, which is harder to find because I am pear-shaped. The shirt I was given for an X-ray procedure was actually too big, but it had enough ties to keep it decent.


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